Good News about the Unemployment Numbers

Connecticut’s unemployment rate for January fell to its lowest level since some of the darkest days of the recession, Gov. Dannel Malloy said Monday.

The unemployment rate in January fell from 8.1 percent to 8.0 percent, the lowest level since April, 2009, Malloy said in a statement. The national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent.

“Today’s report is encouraging – another sign that we are beginning to see a recovery when it comes to job creation,” Malloy said. “We continue to outpace the national average, which is a testament to the hard decisions we made last year to stabilize our state’s finances and focus on job creation.”

Some 16,500 jobs were added in the state in 2011, Malloy said.

The Governor’s Office also provided the following monthly statistics for the unemployment rate in 2011:

January 2011: 9.3%

February 2011: 9.2%

March 2011: 9.1%

April 2011: 9.0%

May 2011: 8.9%

June 2011: 8.9%

July 2011: 8.9%

August 2011: 8.8%

September 2011: 8.6%

October 2011: 8.5%

November 2011: 8.3%

December 2011: 8.1%

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